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    Wet environments can cause problems in buildings, ships, steel structures and pipelines. Excessive moisture and dampness leads to mould, corrosion and short circuting. Dehumidificaiton is essential.

    Too little moisture results in dry climates in offices, museums, art galleries and archives. Humidification is the solution.

    Ship and offshore

    On board ships and oil platforms there is a requirement for both dehumidification and humidification. Regardless of how well a ship or oil platform is maintained, certain areas will always be exposed to corrosion.

    Supplying these areas with dry air helps keep rust development to a minimum. Even untreated steel stops rusting when the relative humidity is kept below 45 per cent.

    Unaccountable system failures and breakdowns are mainly caused by dampness because electronics and motor windings are sensitive to moisture. By installing adsorption dehumidifiers, the inner climate can be controlled and repair costs considerably reduced.
    F-Tech helps you find the perfect equipment for each specific situation and environment. 
    The Norwegian Coast Guard


    Cold and damp spaces in ships' hulls have presented the Norwegian Coast Guard with maintenance problems. High humidity in equipment rooms containing electric motors, pumps and other installations has resulted in high maintenance costs.

    The KV Andenes and KV Nordkapp have now installed adsorption dehumidifiers. These ensure optimum humidity and the Coast Guard anticipates a reduction in maintenance costs. So far, the results have been good.

    The Kristin platform


    F-Tech has delivered adsorption dehumidifiers to Statoil's new Kristin platform. Dehumidifiers safeguard external pipe systems and electronic connections against corrosion and condensation problems. Dry air is pumped into open cavities and service ducts and keeps dampness and maintenance under control.

    Intelligent self adjustment

    The new intelligent HygroMatik microprocessor controls include the optional of modular upgrading. They accept all standard control signals. Self-adjusting, they choose the most economic mode of operation for the available water quality andmonitor the complete humidification process.

    Remote control and Master-Slave operation optional.

    Adsorption dehumidifiers for tough assignments

    CRP dehumidifiers:

    A series of dehumidifiers capable of processing anything from 2,000 to 30,000 cubic metres of air per hour. These units are supplied ready for use, complete with adsorption rotor, filter, fans, heat exchangers, automatic controls, etc. Regeneration is by electricity, gas or steam. The cabinet is produced in stainless steel (AISI 316 for offshore installations). The frame is made from welded, stainless steel sections that provide a stable, robust construction.

    • Complete humidifier (built to AISI 316), with integrated automatic controls and starter equipment
    • Powerful dry air fan. Air volume is automatically kept constant by a frequency converter
    • Reheating coil for raising the dry air temperature
    • Regeneration fan
    • Regulating equipment that can be steered according to dew point or relative humidity, in addition to controlling reheating
    • Electric plates designed to keep the surface temperature below 200oC
    • Explosion proof overpressure system in container
    • Emergency connections for dry air ducts
    • Explosion protection with gas detector, smoke detector and signal for automatic system shutdown.
    • FAT, full-scale test
    • Everything mounted in a container as described below
    • Container in accordance with DNV 2.7
    • Surface treatment in accordance with Norsok M-501
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